Monday, November 22, 2010

surf life saving ed at Mirangi bay

On a cloudy Friday morning the year 7's of point England school were excited as they were looking forward to a fun packed day we were off to Mirangi bay for surf lessons to stay safe in the surf.

Finally we arrived after a half n hour or so we finally got to strecth i raced to the front 'Everyone sit down' says Mrs Nua then Rosie one of the guards came over and we took our bags up into the surf club. it was a beautiful sight of Rangitoto but the waves were small not big like Piha.

The first thing we did was the rules of the sun and other activity's but the best was playing on the boggy boards on the waves the parents made a perimeter around us first the boys had the boggy boards first.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

little critters

some spiders are poisonous.
spiders in new zealand are not harmful.
one thing spiders aren't are insects.
they go in groups alone called arachids.
spiders have 2 body parts, the head abdomen, 8 legs,and a jaw.
some spiders eyes are multiple.
native spiders belong to the fast family.
they catch dinner bye running.
a nursery web protects its young from predators.

our new netbooks

Our net-books we have been waiting for are finally here we are all excited that they
are here we thought they would never arrive but they did. Only the year 7 classes have their net-books for trial until next year. Goodbye exercise books and hello net-books .they are awesome but sometimes frustrating.