Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In our 2 week holiday I went to see the movie BOY twice. I went with my Mum to Sky city cinemas on Queen's street. It was so funny that I was getting stitch's when he just said "so".
I left laughing. Then 2 days later my Nana rang to see if I wanted to go see BOY but she asked if I had seen it I said no I haven't so she said she will come get me at six. I was so excited a I danced around like a professional . So I love the funniest movie I've seen ever in my life


  1. hey Tomjoe yeah that is a really funny movie. The little brother says he has power's but doesn't really. remember when he said that his dad got out of jail buy digging by spoon.

    From Jordan

  2. You have already seen Boy twice! We don't have a babysitter down here in Taupo so I will wait patiently for Boy to come out on DVD. Your mum said you have been learning about Volcanoes in school, Don't be too shy to ask Richard any questions for your projects and stuff. Thank you for your interesting Blogs, I enjoy reading them so much,, Love, Aunty Dee

  3. Talofa Tomjoe. I didn't get to see this movie but have heard from a number of people that it is very funny. How lucky are you getting to see it twice! I love your blog's skin too - I've never seen it before. It's great to see your writing online Tomjoe, keep it going.
    Mrs Tele'a


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