Friday, March 25, 2011

My Thoughts About Camp

Team 5’s camp is coming up next week and I am really excited about it and Im sure everyone is aswell and so are the teachers. My teacher Mr Harris must be because it’s his first camp at Pt England . Last year’s camp was cool but this year has got to be better. It’s called ‘Take Charge’
and yesterday and my team is called the ‘Thinkers’ , our leaders are Tamati and Racheal. We did 2 activitys one was we had to come up with a chant and our second activity was we got givin one set of the hall chairs , e 4 separte class chairs and 1 big mat .

Rock up at camp was one cool thing we did and there were alot of cool thing’s like rock climbing, Archery and other things that I liked. My favourite one was dunker

One of the things I enjoyed about camp ‘TC’ was Rock Up but I think it should be called push up because they make us do alot of push up’s. We had 5 activity’s , my favourite one was the dunker . We were lucky because we were the first group to do it and we enjoyed it. At the end they anounced the winning team and we won . Our prize was a can of fizzy and a choclate.

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  1. Hey TomJoe,

    It was so great reading about your camp experience. It reminded us of our camps at school. Your chanting sounded like it was a lot of fun! Glad you had an awesome time at camp!!

    From Rayna, Luke and Anna.


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