Monday, April 11, 2011

Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter Rescue Compilation

Helicopters are really useful to the Air Force and rescue teams such as Westpac helicopter rescue. They are much different from airplanes because unlike airplanes helicopters can hover in one place (stay still while in the air) and can go straight up from the ground but airplanes have to move forward when going up. Police also use these machines to chase down or keep track of cars and suspects getting away . Westpac also help get into tricky spots and pick up patients and take them to the nearest hospital for treatment. Helicopters are helpful all over the world. Westpac is also a big help on the program piha rescue a beach rescue show . Westpac helps get patients to the hospital quick.


  1. Yes Tomjoe very cool movie you found on Youtube it would be even better if you animated it to.
    From Nathaniel room 21.

  2. Hi TomJoe, I really enjoyed watching your video about Wespac helicopter it highlighted what a great job they do. Have you ever been in one, I haven't but I think it would be great. As long as I'm not the one being rescued. Good information and video which made it interesting, keep up the good blogging TomJoe.
    from Matua Wyllis


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