Monday, August 8, 2011

Where in the world ? Slovenia and Kazakhstan

For the first few weeks of this term we were learning about countries that didn't qaulify for the 2011 rugby world cup .

  1. The national flag - a picture with caption;

This is the flag Slovenia .

  1. The continent and/or geographical region the country is located in - a picture with caption;

Slovenia is a continent of south cental Europe .

Kazakhstan is a continent of central Asia .
3. The capital city : Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan .
Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia.

4. The population of the country : The population of Slovenia is 2,000,092
the population of kazakhstan is 15,522,373
  1. 5. The national sport/s - two only, thanks - pictures with caption.

Slovenia play Soccer and basketball
Kazakhstan play ski skating and ice hockey

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  1. Hello TomJoe, my name is Raven and I am in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class all the way in Alabama located in the United States. You have taught me something about a sport I didn't know anything about. Being from Alabama we don't have rugby but we do have something like it, football. I am a big fan of football. Keep up the good work. I hope everything goes well for you. Keep in touch by email ( or contacting me on my blog (


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