Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I have learnt about Georgia

“Hi, I have come to Georgia from New Zealand and would like to know what the capital city of Georgia is, can you help me?” I asked .
“Well welcome to Georgia the capital city of Georgia is T’bilisi and you know I’m from NZ aswell“ answered John Key .
“What are popular sports around here?” I asked .
“well actuly there are a lot of popular sports like football , basketball , rugby union , wrestling and weightlifting“ he answer’s .
“Well thanks Prime minister now I know what to play, I think I’ll play rugby” I replied.
“Where is a good hotel to stay at?” I asked
“Marriott hotel in Tbilisi where I am staying” answered John Key.
“Well thanks I’ll see you there” I said.
“Well I know the Rugby World Cup is in New Zealand so what is Georgia’s playing strip?”
I asked
“It is red” He answered.
“Who should I look out for.?”
“who is there key player ?”
I said
“Malkhaz Urjukakashvvill he plays fullback or wing and has played 67 caps for his country Georgia.”
He answered.
“Thanks for your time and I’ll see you In New Zealand.”
I say
“Looking forward to it, have a good time here.”
John Key said.


  1. Wow Tomjoe, that was a awesome post about Georgia, I am amazed about that blog post.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!
    From Joe

  2. Thank you Joe for your comment , I will keep up my good work.


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