Friday, September 3, 2010

Man vs Wild.

Man vs Wild is a program about a man who teaches people how to survive in the wild It used to be on thursday nights on Prime but the season is finished. My favourite episodes are when he goes into forests and sets traps to keep himself safe from bears and other wild animals.

He eats all sorts of yuck stuff like zebra's ,dead pig's and snakes he even sometimes
make hunting weaons out of the things around him and hunts for food.

There are alot of stuff he can make from Rafts to beds to sleep on he always finds a safe place to
sleep and makes sure he away from deadly animals.

This program features Bear Grylls and all he has is one camera man and a crew .


  1. Kia Ora Tom Joe, you have some awesome things to read about from Karate Kid, Tour of duty and now Man vs Wild. This program was one of my favorites because of the different crazy things he did and ate. Bear has to be one of the weirdest but most inspiring guys around. Thanks for the great read.
    Matua Wyllis

  2. Kia ora Tom Joe. Funnily enough I think I watched the episode when he ate the dead Zebra. Is that the one that the vultures had been devouring? They had eaten so much that they couldn't fly. I am always amazed at how much knowledge he had and about all sorts of different things.
    It is good to see you organising your writing. You have some good key points about what you like about Man vs Wild - well done!


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