Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For one of our reading tasks we had to write some facts about a surviving in a life raft after reading a story in a school journy here are some facts.

1. You need to practice getting back on in the raft quickly if you go over board.

2. Don’t drink salt water or your own urine or it will make you more thirsty and your die quiker of thirst.

3. Don’t say your not going to survive or else you won’t bileve your survive

4. Snuggle together to keep bodyheat and you don’t freeze to death.

5. Practice swimming to the craft.

6. Always have sea sick pills.

7. You need to know how to swim.

8. You need to keep the floor of the boat dry.

9. You need to wear a life jacket.

10. Wear warm clothes.

11. You can survive for 24 hours with out food or water so don’t eat or drink within the first 24 hours.

12. Practice inflating the craft blindfolded.

13. Grab alot of water containers.

14. If the craft capsizes you need the strongest person to get in first and pull the rest in.

15. If water get in quikly get the water out.

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