Thursday, November 17, 2011

Solar Q's

Has any one ever been to the Sun:

Well freaky and sad someone actullay has been to the big hot star the Sun. Bill Nannes was the first to go to the Sun but he burned with in 3 seconds. But he actullay landed probably . If you would like to know who I got this information from . Google Dr . John C.Mather who is an NASA scientist.

Is there another planet like Earth with humans living there:

Well actually I found an link with a video on it that explains my answer to you .


  1. Hey Tomjoe,

    You might want to see if any other sites agree with that information, it's always good to back up your research :)

    Have fun and keep writing :)

  2. Yeah I knew Bill Nannes.

    He tried to make a rocket to fly to the sun but his project just never got off the ground.

    Icarus was far more successful.


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