Friday, February 26, 2010

High flying Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is my most favourite entertaining,high flying and risk taking wrestler. He once was tag team with his brother Matt Hardy and they used to be called The hardy boy's.But now they are now enimeis and are the best in ladder match's. They pretty much are the kings of ladder's in the whole of the WWE.I love Jeff Hardy's finisher the high flying move the Swanton Bomb

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  1. I can see that you spend a lot of time watching because you know so much about it!

    Did you know that using punctuation helps your readers to understand your writing? This post you have written is a great example of what I am talking about. I don't know much about wrestling and, because you didn't use punctuation in your sentences, I found it hard to understand :( I had to re-read your last sentence several times to understand it!

    Tell me if this is what you meant.....
    I love Jeff Hardy's finisher; the high flying move called "the Swanton Bomb"

    Keep up the writing. You are teaching me things! Mrs Burt


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