Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My goals for 2010

Take a look at this...



  1. Tomjoe, I hope you are very proud of your interesting blogs and I feel so happy to see and hear you on your video. Don't forget to share your gorgeous smile on the camera and of course with your friends.
    You are making History at Point England as the first Year 7 class.. TomJoe you're Amazing!
    Love, Aunty Dierdrei x

  2. Kia Ora Tomjoe. I totally agree with your Aunty Dierdrei and encourage you to share your smile with the world. Next time we record you we are going to try to capture that witty and humorous side of you. Well done on your Wresting post - make sure you read Mrs Burts comments, she gives some excellent advice :)
    Ms T

  3. Wow Tomjoe, How confident were you in that video!! Je suis impressionée! You are now famous in France, good on you:) I must say its great to have such a clever and cool nephew. i'm going to forward your video to Limerick, Ireland to Aunty Siobhan and Aunty Maureen and they can show it to your technically challenged Grandad. Hes going to be really chuffed:)Keep up the good work at the most coolest school ever, and say a big hello to your classmates and your teacher from us. ((And whats with the no shoes in class?!? i'm a bit puzzled about that one:/))
    A bientot mon neveu chéri.
    haere ra from your Aunty Racheal:)

  4. Failte!
    Hi Tom Joe, cool video, cool blog and it looks like a cool school too! Your cousins Katie & Cormac loved your video. The weather looks really good over there, it has been snowing here and the temperature was -14° Celsius! We look forward to reading more in the near future, keep up the good work.
    Slan, from Paisley in Scotland - Uncle Tim


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