Friday, February 26, 2010

My Family

These are my cousins Keir and Corin Keir is always running around and Corin is always asking the question WHY?.They were born in Scotland.

This is my Uncle Kevin and Aunty Gudie.Uncle kevin was born in New Zealand in Auckland but went to Ireland in a tomato box because there were no seats for babies on the plane.Aunty Gudie is from England.

This is my Uncle Andy and Aunty Noranne. My Uncle Andy is a truck driver and My Aunty Noranne is the BOSS.Uncle Andy is English and my Aunty Noranne is Irish and they met in Auckland 12 years ago.

This is my Aunty Dierdrei and Uncle Richard with my cousin Rosemary in Taupo.Aunty Dierdrei is studying social work and Uncle Richard is a scientist who study's Volcano's.

This is my youngest
cousin Rosemary she has no hair and she is 15 months old.She is almost as tall as her mother.

My family is from all over the world.My Uncle Tomjoe and his family live in America,My Aunty Jessica lives in Germany,My Aunty Rachel and her family live in France.My Uncle Timothy and his family live in Scotland,But my Uncle Timothy works on ships and he travels all over the world.My Aunty Ericka lives in Auckland and is in the Air Force and has a cat called Jack.

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